Ice technologies

All about ice

ICE PROFI welcomes you to the business of ice rinks building . Today artificial ice became available and you can enjoy skating wherever in the northern and southern countries.
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Our company offers complex services in designing of ice palaces and any kind of skating rinks, in delivering of piping systems of the field, boards of an ice rink and ice re-surfacing machines. Besides offering starting-up , assembling and adjustment works on the ice skating rink complex, we also offer air conditioning and ventilation systems for all premises.


The weather not always favors comfortable conditions for winter sports, we can help to make and support the artificial winter with cooling equipment and accessories. Moreover, we can offer the best option for you specified by your requirements. And we can stand our words with many completed projects.


Our company has finished more than 100 projects in Europe. We have built various ice rinks in Cambodia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries etc. The reference list will provide you more detail about it. Our company bears the responsibility for the end result - producing and maintaining high-quality ice including guarantee and further service by the requirements of the Customer.