Engo 230 Red Tiger

The “ultimate”

Engo 230 Red Tiger, the super professional machine for ice sports (ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, short-trak). To obtain a perfect ice rink, engo 230 Red Tiger is the right solution for achieving the wanted result in a short time. This is the ideal ice-preparation machine for great sporting events like championships, world championships, winter olympics. The best machine in terms of quality/price. Suitable for stadiums and outdoor rinks according to standard in natural or artificial ice with a maximum surface of 1.800 m2.

• Snow tank capacity 3.5m³
• Water tank capacity n. 1.200 l
• Cutting width 2.300 mm


• SPS control with coloured touch screen
• Batteries from 560Ah to 875Ah
• Completely closed and heated drivers’ cabin with coloured hardened windows
• Hydraulic ice edger (ICE EDGER)
• IWS Ice wash system with high pressure pump and water intake
• RWS Tyre wash system with high pressure pump
• Integrated Whitemaker with circulation pump
• Snow tanks rinsing
• Cloth hydraulic support
• Hydraulic defrosting
• High grade steel blade with life span from 1.5 to 2 months
• Fluting harrow for easy installation on levigation trolley
• Rink lighting from bottom with blue or red light
• Heat package (heated seat and feet area heating outlets)
• Chrome rims
• And much more…

Highest safety standards for the service staff

• Patented blade-change system
• Patented worms washing system
• Anti-blocking system of transport worms

The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical alterations!