Frequently asked questions

Who can order an ice rink?

Our customers are sports centers, local government bodies and private individuals.

What is the difference between the fixed and mobile ice rink?

The difference is in the refrigerating technology which is used in the flooring of the ice rink. In the case of a fixed rink, it is a concrete plate with embedded polyethylene piping; the mobile ice rink refrigeration technology, as suggested by the name, is dismountable and can be stored together with dasher boards and cooling unit; the components can be reused in the next season to construct the ice rink from scratch.

What are the technical requirements for the construction of mobile ice rink?

A mobile ice rink can be settled on any flattened, leveled and hardened ground (football pitch, tennis court). The piping and dasher boards are assembled on a sand bed; afterwards, the ice floor can be refrigerated. The location for setting the cooling unit (e.g. a concrete slab) should also be prepared. The employing body is obliged to provide electricity and a water connection.

What is the delivery time for a mobile ice rink?

The execution depends on the type and planned equipment of an ice rink. An exemplary execution period for a mobile ice rink with an area of 600 square meters, including cooling unit, PE piping, dasher boards and ice re-surfacer is approx. 9 weeks. The ice floor refrigeration process takes three to four days.

For how long can you lease a mobile ice rink or an ice re-surfacer?

The minimum lease period for an ice rink and ice care machine is three months.

Why do I need the ice re-surfacer?

The floor of the ice rink requires proper maintenance, which can be guaranteed only by the appropriately selected ice care device. The ice re-surfacer gathers the shaved layer of snow from the floor and covers the ice with a thin layer of water, which freezes immediately. The ice surface becomes flat and smooth.