Ice rinks in shopping centres

Ice rinks in shopping and entertainment centers or in sports facilities require much wider preparation, and a larger scope of design and execution. This is related to the high technology standards concerning the surroundings, thermal insulation, heat recuperation, and functionality requirements. The construction takes from six to eighteen months. Ice rinks in shopping and entertainment centers attract customers and increase the center’s popularity, both among the users and the investors.

We build ice rinks with aluminum-structured roofs with PVC covering, as well as by air tents held up by specially stimulated air streams. A heat recuperation system and technical support facilities are necessary in this kind of rink.

The construction cost of an ice rink utilizing compressed air is approx. five times lower than the cost of the cheapest metal support structures. Additionally, the construction and commission period for such a facility with all the necessary equipment is four to five months. This facility type can be used all year long, providing the appropriate special technologies are being maintained.