“Terminal” in the Shopping-Entertainment Center, ice arena built on the standards of International Hockey Federation

• Coast-to-coast building – from the ground works to the complete start-up into exploitation.
• Ice arena is built on the third floor of the Shopping-Entertainment Center. Complete air conditioning and diving of heat for spectators and for ice field.
• Building – metal frame covered with sandwich-panels.
• Size of the ice field is 30 х 60 м.
• Concrete based rink floor, system of heating of the ground to avoid freezing.
• Standard dasher board system with protective netting made in Czech – glass without counters.
• Cooling aggregate (cooling performance 750 kW) with heat recuperation. Recovered heat is used for the first circle of supply-exhaust system, ice-melting tank, and for heating of the ground to avoid freezing. Besides, recovered heat is used for heating of swimming pool (8 х 14 m) located in the same building of the Shopping-Entertainment Center.
• Tribunes for 1500 spectators.
• Making-out of ice field for hockey playing.
• Computer monitoring of ice arena.
• 4-side electronic score-board.
• Thermal insulation flooring for ice surface made in Czech.